Product Sourcing & Pricing

When you install Muneship app on Shopify you will be redirected to the app dashboard where you will be prompted to submit an Aliexpress link to the product you’re selling. Our team will scout through our networks to find the highest quality product at an affordable rate and compile the shipping options available. this information will be sent to you through the email provided when you submit the product.

This whole Process normally takes anywhere from 24-48hrs depending on how readily available your item is to  outsource. Once you are satisfied with the option you will then proceed to step Two.

Import Pending Order

Once you’ve received the product quotation, the second step is to export your products from the Shopify dashboard and import them to muneship dashboard for Pricing and invoicing. If you’re selling more than one product we will sort the products and issue one summarized invoice which will be sent to the email submitted.

You can submit as many products as you’d wish per SKU and from multiple stores for FREE! We don’t charge our customers extra for such services. The summarized invoice will include; Product Price and shipping cost

Alternatively, if this whole process is challenging for you, you can let us know by submitting a support ticket and we will export the products for you from Shopify and import them on muneship for free!

Order Processing & Shipping

Once the invoice has been paid the pending orders are processed and shipped within 24hrs. Muneship has special arrangements with manufacturers to avoid the FIFO method that delays most orders and instead when an order is processed it’s immediately picked and shipped.

Muneship will send you an email containing the shipping tracking codes that you will update on Shopify and your payment processer to mark the end of the transaction. For those who are new to this process or using a private supplier, we do offer FREE order fulfillment where you add our email as staff on your Shopify store. Most of our clients prefer this method to free up time in their store management and save up on Virtual assistance fees. Submit a support ticket if you’re even in need of such help.

Order Processing takes 24hrs. Shipping to the intended destination takes between 5-7 days (express and slightly costly) and 10-14 days (Preferred shipping method by many). Normally shipping from Aliexpress attracts 3-7 days of order processing and another 7 days before the product can leave their warehouse which means from the moment you pay to the time the product leaves their warehouse 14 days will have elapsed! (not forgetting the 3 weeks transit period) by then your clients will have received the product.